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Casa Coricelli


The organic is a highly prized extra virgin olive oil that Pietro Coricelli selects with great care and passion.

Fruity, balanced and fresh, it is obtained exclusively from olives grown according to the principles of organic farming.


It is ideal for those looking for a product that offers the best in its natural being. With a fresh and fruity aroma, it has a round and decisive taste, with a slight spicy note and a delicate pungent aftertaste.

From the land to the crops, from harvesting systems, to mill extraction, everything happens respecting the principles of organic farming and excellence in quality.

Certified by QCertificazioni srl., Is an organic oil guaranteed from beginning to end, from the first olive to the last drop of the mill.

Private label

Pietro Coricelli has the expertise, knowledge and resources required to develop new products into a bottled, labeled and ready-to-ship product.

Choose from our product’s variety and select your bottle. Our in-house graphic designer can help create your own label or brand your full line of specialty oils.

Avaiable size


If you require a specific bulk food ingredient and you want to optimize size, the right pack, the finest quality, and the best price, we are the right solution for you.

We are committed to being reliable, responsive, innovative, and will get you what you need when you need it, all while saving you time and money.

​Offering bulk packaging ingredient options for your industrial applications, including:


44092.45 - 48501.7 LB


440.92 LB

Cubitank IBC metal pallet

264.17 GAL (2019.43 LB)