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Pasta Sauce


Are you searching for the perfect marinara? Bring home the famous taste of Pietro Coricelli® Marinara Sauce. We slow cook sweet Italian plum tomatoes with fresh ingredients to create this classic sauce.

Made with all-natural ingredients, our sauce is something you will be proud to serve your family. A blend of fresh tomatoes, smooth tomato puree and tomato paste, flavorful and aromatic garlic that can’t be beaten. In fact, it tastes just like how mama used to make it.


You can even use our marinara to dip breadsticks or cheese bread in. The options are nearly endless.

No matter if you are cooking for your small family or a large crowd, everyone is sure to love your dishes when you use Pietro Coricelli Marinara Sauce.

Private label

Pietro Coricelli has the expertise, knowledge and resources required to develop new products into a bottled, labeled and ready-to-ship product.

Choose from our product’s variety and select your jar. Our in-house graphic designer can help create your own label or brand your full line of pasta sauces.

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