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Flavored Avocado Oils


Defining the quality and research of raw materials is a complex process that implies a strong focus on health & wellness trends. Ethnos starts right here. Find out more about our new ETHNOS  flavored avocado oil line. The best ingredients selected for you combine with the unmistakable taste of avocado.

Add  flavour and nutritional goodness to your recipes with our Avocado flavored line.

Available Oils

Orange, Ail, Basil, Butter, Chilli, Ginger, Guacamole, Italian Herb, Lime, Orange, Rosemary

Guacamole Avocado Oil

Butter Flavored Avocado Oil

Avocado Oil & Ginger

Avocado Oil & Lime

Avocado Oil & Rosemary

Avocado Oil & Chilli

Avocado Oil & Garlic

Avocado Oil & Italian Herbs

Avocado Oil & Orange

Avocado Oil & Basil


Offering bulk packaging ingredient options for your industrial applications.

Private label

We specialize in the sale of oils in large volumes and in various industrial formats, filtered and unfiltered. We adapt the profile of each oil to the demands of the different markets, creating an exclusive product according to the needs of each customer.