Olive harvesting

Olive harvesting is the crucial time of the year when the olives are harvested from the olive trees. This process represents from the strategic selection of olives at their peak of ripeness to the implementation of traditional methods and advanced technologies. It takes place between the months of October and February in the northern hemisphere, and between February and June in the southern hemisphere.

The harvesting period

The question on everyone’s mind is: when is the right time to harvest olives?

This dilemma has been around farmers for many generations. The secret lies in the perfect combination of ripeness and climate. It must be taken into account that the most important thing to be able to harvest the olives is their ripeness and that the fruit is in good condition to guarantee the quality of the oil. They must be sufficiently ripe to guarantee the quality of the oil, but not too ripe to avoid undesired fermentation.

Beginning of the olive harvest 2023

With the arrival of autumn, this stage rooted in culture and tradition begins: the olive harvest of 2023/2024 begins.

The weather has played, yet another year, a dirty trick on the olive tree, yielding less fruit than desired. But on the other hand, the good news is that the quantity of olives has been exchanged for quality, with more potent health properties.

It is important to know that an olive that receives less water gives stronger oils, with more bitterness and above all, more antioxidant compounds. That is why, even if the forecasts are less frequent, the quality of the olive is superior.

The harvesting process

From the selection of the right tools to the way the olives are harvested, each step is crucial.

Traditionally, it is done by hand or with the use of specialized combs that gently caress the branches of the olive trees. This last step requires precision, where careful handling of the nets is essential to preserve the freshness of the olives. Moreover, depending on the terrain where the olive trees are located, this harvesting process will change, it may or may not be mechanized.

Innovation in harvesting

As in many areas, harvesting also requires innovation. The introduction of advanced technologies in harvesting adds efficiency to the process. A clear example of this is: Drones that monitor the fields and specialized machinery.

On the way to the mill

After harvesting, the olives are carefully transported to the mill, where the olive oil extraction process begins. This process is important because the olives must be transported carefully and without damage.

From the fields to the mill, every step of this process is an example of commitment and passion for agriculture and its tradition. In every drop of oil extracted, the essence of each harvest is distilled.