Cold press olive oil extraction process

In the production of extra virgin olive oil, essential stages are traversed: from pressing and kneading the mass to centrifugation and filtration. The resulting quality of EVOO is closely tied to a fundamental variable: the temperature at which each phase of the process takes place, with a special emphasis on the cold press technique.

What is cold press extraction?

Cold press extraction is a processing method employed in olive oil production, characterized by its focus on maintaining low temperatures throughout the entire process. This method is used to preserve the quality and natural characteristics of olives, from which the oil is extracted.

Key elements of cold press extraction:

1- Low temperatures.

Throughout the extraction process, it is ensured that temperatures do not exceed a specific limit, typically around 27 degrees Celsius (80.6 degrees Fahrenheit). This limit prevents the use of high temperatures that could impact the quality of the oil, ensuring the preservation of the natural essence of the olives and avoiding the degradation of their nutrients and aromatic compounds.

2- Mechanical process.

Instead of relying on chemical or heat methods to separate the oil from the olives, cold press extraction relies on mechanical methods. This can include the use of hydraulic presses or centrifuges to obtain the oil from the olives.

3- Nutrient preservation.

The low temperature helps preserve the nutrients and beneficial compounds present in olives, such as antioxidants and healthy fats. This contributes to the quality and nutritional properties of the resulting oil.

4- Extra virgin olive oil.

Cold press extraction is commonly associated with the production of extra virgin olive oil, considered the highest grade of olive oil. This type of oil is characterized by its fresh flavor, fruity aroma, and low acidity. It ensures maximum flavor and intensity because chemical components evaporate above 27 degrees, significantly reducing the culinary properties of other oils.

5- Slower process.

Although the process may be slower and, in some cases, more costly than other extraction methods, it is valued for the superior quality of the oil it produces.

Cold press extraction emphasizes quality over quantity, preserving the natural characteristics of olives to obtain the highest quality olive oil. This method is appreciated by those seeking richer flavor profiles and health benefits.

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